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Custom internet solutions

Who we are

DR-Webdesign means Danny Rotsaert Webdesign and Optimization.
We are a one-man business, located in Belgium, that delivers custom internet solutions.
You can depend on us for :

  • Affordable and professional websites
  • Maintenance of websites
  • Website optimization
  • Website promotion
  • Independent consultancy for your internet projects
  • Web site hosting and domainname registration.
To you, as a customer, this means affordable and custom internet solutions. With a one-man business, it's obvious that you'll only pay for services that are directly related to your website... we don't have any overhead or project management costs.

Our experience with Internet

With over 15 years of IT experience in companies such as Siemens and Soliver, i have seen the evolution from larger mainframes towards midrange systems and finally towards Local Are Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

experience with Internet solutions I know the expectations of a computer user -whether this user is a moderate surfer or a business providing a web site- and i can deliver the solutions to their demands.
Internet technologies evolved towards valuable strategic tools. Due to my main job as an IT Executive, i know how to use them as marketing tools or as affordable solutions towards customers and/or suppliers.

From my professional experience i also learned how websites can become no more than an extra cost with no return on investment : You can avoid this same learning process by contacting us for custom internet solutions. Then, you are assured that you're hiring a high qualified webdesigner and search engine optimizer to deliver the right solutions for your internet projects.
I deliver custom webdesign, hosting, website optimization and promotion and you can also contact me when you need professional advice...
all this at an affordable price !

Young, new, dynamic and ambitious

After 2 years of preparation, i started this business in december 2003. Yet, we can present good quality and experience in Internet Solutions.
Next to the design of your site there's also the ongoing desire of being proud of what i do. From a hobby, the quest for top rankings in search engines has evolved towards a second job.

Personal, effective and targetted !

A website is more than pictures and text presented on a page and website promotion is more than submitting a site to a few search engines. We are proud when the public likes our sites and when you, the client, are satisfied with the results.
We deal with every project on a personal basis, our work is targetted on your goals and we see you more as a partner than as a customer.

Find out more about quality web design.

Here you can explore some examples of optimized websites.
Every page was created with special care (titles, content, keyword selection, navigation,...) to make them rank high in all major search engines.


Affordable prices

Our prices are reasonable for the quality we offer.
Probably our prices for webdesign and website optimization are among the best one can find.
We are able to offer these low prices since we have low overhead costs and above all since this is only an extra for me. We intentially maintain those low prices because we don't wanna be part of those who take advantage of the ignorance of others to ask excessive prices for doubtfull and low-quality solutions.

Don't forget : Every cent you pay for a website that nobody can ever find, means in many cases as much as thrown away money, no matter how attractive the design of your site may be.


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