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Quality web design properties.

As a Web site owner...

As a Web site owner, you can recognize quality web design if your Web site meets the expectations and the requirements you had in mind.
The return on investment is an important factor.
Through internet you plan to get targeted visitors resulting in customers or you want a professional Web site as an added value for your business, services and products.

Unfortunately, you can only measure the return on investment and the increased sales when the Web site is fully operational.
Therefor it is important to choose a professional who can provide high quality Web design !
You don't need to be a professional web designer or optimizer to recognize quality. This article lets you find out about the properties of quality Web design and lets you learn how to secure your Web site investment.

Visual properties of a Web site...

Don't expect your own Web site to be better than the one of the design agency that your are considering.
Have a closer look at their Web site
and pay attention to the following :

  • Is there an easy navigation ?
  • Does the Web designer explain how your Web site will be made ?
  • Does every page has its page specific title ?
  • Does the page title fits the content on the page ?
  • Is their a well selected anchor text for links ? (this is the text used to link to other pages or web sites)
  • Does the Web designer care to submit your Web site to search engines and directories ?
Technical aspects of quality Web design...

Is the web site browser independent ?
Notes such as "this Web site is best viewed with..." are nothing more than a testimony that the Web site owner does not care about all visitors and customers.
To surf around, several browsers can be used. Besides Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and AOL for windows systems, there are also others such as Opera, Safari and Netscape for Macintosh as well Konquerer, Mozilla and Netscape for Linux systems.
Will your Web site display nicely for each of these internet browsers ?

The answer is 'YES'... IF all Web design is done meeting international standards !
Among other things, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has provided guidelines and specifications for Web sites.
Is is quite upsetting that many Web designers don't even know or care about them !
Every Web site can be validated through the W3C. When the Web site passes the test, this is a guarantee for quality and the Web site will display nicely when visited using any actual and future browser.
Do the validation test and secure the investment in your Web site !

Test this page by clicking on the W3C logo.
You can test the design of other web sites by visiting http://validator.w3.org, submit the URL of the web design agency you wish to check. E.g. http://www.dr-webdesign.be and click on 'validate URL'.
Should you see something like "This page is valid...", then you are safe.
If not, then you better search for a professional web designer !

Valid HTML 4.01!This label is a proof of quality web design.

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