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...a high search engine ranking is useless when not targetting the right keyword !
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The right keyword or keyphrase

Before building a website, or optimizing one, we should carefully select our main keyword or several keyphrases for which we want to get a high search engine ranking.
It are those keywords that internet users will use to launch a search engine query to find information about your products or services.
On this page we show you how to select a good keyword or a keyphrase for your website and how to use them.
Our search engine optimization service uses the same method as the first step of a standard website optimization.


What is a good keyword or keyphrase ?

It is useless to obtain a high search engine ranking for a keyword that nobody will use.
Choosing a too common keyword is often not interesting either. There is lots of competition and when you obtain a number 1 ranking with them, then you sure will receive lots of visitors on your website but probably those visitors will leave soon because they dont find the info they need.
It's better to use a combination of words because they bring targetted traffic and... customers !
For example, have a closer look at this page :
The topic of this page would allow us to target a keyword such as 'search engine' or 'ranking' or 'keyword'.
There are a couple of million pages that contains those single keywords. So it's not easy to get a high search engine ranking for them.
And even when i can bring this page to the very top for such a keyword, then i will get a lot of visitors for sure, but is that usefull for my business ? I don't know what the visitor really wants when he is searching for 'ranking'... is he looking for general info or maybe a ranking algoritm for a search engine, or does he want ranking to be explained ?
By optimizing for a combination of keywords, such as 'search engine ranking' or 'keyword ranking', we would be much better off. In this case, there is even that much competition so i decided to add another keyword : 'high'. So this page is now targetting the keyphrase 'high search engine ranking'. By optimizing for a combination of keywords, a keyphrase, and by adding a region, -i could have added Belgium- we will target less competitive keyphrases with a bigger chance for a high keyword ranking and, very important, most likely we deliver the kind of service that a visitor is looking for.

How do i select the right keyword for my website ?

Ask yourself how you would search for your products or services.
Ask the same question to your colleagues and associates.
Check with others who don't work at your firm to avoid focussing on slang or terms that are well known to insiders but uncommon to the wider public.
Be aware that the same language can differ a lot depending on the region where it's used (American English, Brittish English...)
Write down every keyword that you find and start analysing :

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  • Use Wordtracker and Overture Search term suggestion tool to find out how many times the keyword or keyphrase is used in a search engine query.
  • Check the number of competing websites for each keyword.
  • Try to get a high search engine ranking for a keyphrase that is often searched for and that is less competitive at the same time.
Don't try to optimize exclusively for the keyword for which the most searches are done...
Sometimes, less is better ! It's better to get 500 visitors to your website that turns 10% into customers, than to get 5000 visitors who click away immediatly. Right ?

How to use a keyword to get a high search engine ranking ?

the ABC of keywords and search terms To determin the importance of a page, a search engine will try to think like a human.
Preferably, optimize a page for only 1 keyword or keyphrase and spread this keyword throughout the contents of the page :
     - use it in the Title-tag
     - in the DESCRIPTION META-tag
     - in the KEYWORDS META-tag (less important)
     - in the H1-tag
     - in the alt-tag (of relevant images !)
     - in linktext
     - use a bold fontstyle if appropriate
See also our SEO optimization techniques to get a top search engine position.
Don't get tempted to use deceptive tricks and SPAM.
Unethical SEO services, spam and doorway pages will eventually harm the search engine ranking of your website !
Don't use hidden text and don't do 'keyword stuffing' by repeating your keyword over and over again.
Besides the content of your pages, the way how other websites link to your site is also important. If they use your keyword in the link text (also called anchor text), then the link becomes even more valuable. So be extra carefull when writing a description for the directory and search engine submission of your Web site.

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