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Search engine submission

An important step of search engine optimization and promotion is the submission of your web site to the major search engines and directories.
Here you learn how we submit your Web site to ensure his appearance in the search engine query results.
Even if you're not a client of our SEO and search engine submission service, you can find usefull information to promote your website.
Before even considering search engine submission one should keep some things in mind :
  • Your Web site should be indexable.
  • Before you submit to directories, none of your pages should be 'under cunstruction'.
  • Without search engine optimization it will be unlikely that you'll have top rankings in the search engine results.

How does a search engine know my Web site ?

From time to time, a search engine will send a robot or a spiders to your Web site to index the pages and to store them in their database. Before this indexation can occur, the search engine must be aware of the existance of your Web site.
There are 3 ways to this :

  1. Through a link from another Web site that they already know.
  2. Through the submission of your Web site using a 'free submit' form.
  3. Through paid search engine submission (Pay for Inclusion - PFI)

Links from other web sites.

Almost every search engine, will find your Web site automatically through a link from another Web site who points towards one of your pages. If you make sure that this page contains links to other internal pages, then finally all pages will be found and indexed.
The more important the Web site that links to you, the faster your site will be found and the more important your own pages will be considered. As a result, quality links are very important to get indexed and also to achieve top rankings...
The more links towards your site (inbound links), the higher the quotation of your site !

What are high quality links ?
High quality links are links from Web sites with good and additional content for your topic. Don't let anyone seduce you to exchange reciprocal links if the other Web site offers no additional value to the visitors of your own Web site. FFA links (Free For All) need to be avoided.
As a start you should submit to the most important directories.
Those are :

When submitting, it is important to follow the submission guidelines by these directories. Choose the appropriate category and be brief and precise when writing a description. Be smart and include your keywords !
Your Web site submission will be declined if you use either a false or a bad description !
If your budget allows it, you might also consider submission to the Yahoo Directory. (199 US$ per year !)

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Search engine submission through 'free submit' pages.

search engine submissionGo to the search engine, when you find a 'free submit' form fill in the URL of your website and submit. Usually, you will find this URL submission form by following a link from the homepage or from a search engine results page to 'submit a site' or 'add a site'. Once your site is indexed, you should never submit again !.
Surprised ? Ah, more and more search engines don't even have a free submission page anymore. Still, every large search engine will find your Web site by following links from other Web sites or from directories.
Free submission is often a good way to get into minor and local search engines.

Search engine submission by paying for inclusion.

Most major search engines allow you to pay for Web site submission (Pay for Inclusion - PFI). Usually, you will pay a fee per page that you submit !
When using a paid search engine submission you'll benefit some advantages :

  • Fast inclusion in the index after 3 to 7 days.
  • Frequent reindexing so the search engine will always contain the most recent content of your Web site, interesting for a website with fast changing content.
Important : Paying for inclusion does not affect the ranking of your Web site in the search engine results.

Our search engine submission strategy.

This is how we submit a Web site to search engines. This submission service is included in our search engine optimization.
We always use MANUAL directory and search engine submission !

1. Web site submission to Dmoz and Goguides.
This will ensure indexing by Google and Netscape.
Google is by far the most used search engine. Many other search engine gets its search results from Google.
Once you are included in GOOGLE, you will also feature in the search engine result pages (SERP) of YAHOO, AOL, NETSCAPE, EXCITE and others.
When submitting to DMOZ we are allowed to submit a website to the appropriate category and also to a regional category. Multilingual web sites are entitled to a supplementary submission to the World/language section for every language appearing on the Web site.
2. Submission of the index page to INKTOMI (free submit provided by Lycos).
Pages that are included in Inktomi, will also appear in HOTBOT and in the Web pages section of the MSN search results.
When you look at MSN search results, you will first find pages that are provided by paid submission to Looksmart.
This might change in the future as Microsoft is working on their own search engine robot.
3. 'FAst Search Engine' submission of the index page (free submit).
As a result, besides inclusion in FAST, the pages will also show up in other search engines such as ALLTHEWEB, LYCOS and WEBCRAWLER.

4. 'Altavista Search Engine' submission of ALL pages of your Web site to ALTAVISTA (free submit).
5. Web site submission to other common local search engines in your country.
TEOMA who also provides search engine results for ASK, does no longer show a free submission form. So, for this search engine we will have to be patient and wait for it to find our Web site the natural way, i.e. through the linking structure of Internet.
Once included in a search engine, there is generally no need to resubmit and it should sometimes be avoided. Don't ask a search engine for unnecesary processor time. It could be seen as SPAM.

When you are included in Google (AOL/Yahoo), MSN (Inktomi), altavista and FAST (Lycos/Alltheweb), you will reach 95% of all internet searches !
Our 'Gold Optimization program' also provides manual submission to thematic directories and local internet start pages which will bring targetted traffic to your Web site.

Submit to 100000+ Search Engines !!
Does this sound familiar ?
Be ware for this kind of unethical search engine submission service !

  • There are no 100000 search engines.
  • Even if they submit you to a 1000 search engines, there will only be a very few relevant.
  • Mostly, they will provide submission to a few hundred thematic directories that are totally off-topic. The links are irrelevant, don't add any additional value and definitly don't give you additional visitors.
  • Mostly you will have to give them your email adress, that they will consequently use to send you all kinds of unwanted advertising (SPAM).
  • Automatic search engine submission is sometimes not allowed according any existing search engine and/or directory guidelines.
  • There are (merely local) directories that consider a second submission as a request to undo the inital one !

We want to point out that there are a few good, honest automatic search engine submission services that do the job. Inform yourself before paying for services that will not deliver you any results, or even worse, services that jeapordise your Web site inclusion and ranking.

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