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Website promotion service

more visitors, more customers through our website promotion service  
   More visitors on your website !

Effective website promotion will drive more targetted traffic, potential customers to your website !
Because website promotion depends on your needs and your budget, we offer several internet based website promotion services, that can be requested either seperately or in combination :

Search engine optimization
Increase of link popularity
A search engine submission service
setup of a Pay per Click campaign (PPC)


Additionally, if your thinking about sending optin emails to keep your visitors informed about your services and products, then our Web development services can surely help you to design newsletters.

Search engine optimization

Together with the selection of the right keywords for which you want your web site to be found and the achievement of a higher link popularity, search engine optimization is the most important kind of web site promotion.
It will automatically be easier to find your web site throughout the several major search engines. You'll receive more traffic, more visitors thus more customers.

Our standard website optimization
  • Analysis of your website resulting in proposals to modify your website.
  • Implementation of the modifications (if desired this can also be done by your own webdesigner)
  • Website submission to the major search engines
  • Evaluation reports, 2 months and 4 months after the optimization

Our Gold Website optimization
  • We start with our standaard Website optimization
  • We provide a monthly search engine ranking report for major and local search engines
  • We adjust your website when a search engine implements major changes to its algorithm that defines your website's search engine ranking
  • We provide a link campaign to increase the link popularity of your website
  • If desired, we provide free registration service to search engines with a Pay For Inclusion (PFI) policy or we give a free service for a Pay Per Click (PPC) setup. (Only our submission service is free, the expenses for inclusion as invoiced by the search engines will be on your account)

--> See our prices for search engine optimization and website promotion

Unless requested otherwise, our website promotion service targets your entire website. We don't limit our service to just a few keywords and pages but we will increase the general findability of your website !
We optimize for well defined keywords, but your entire website will benefit from our optimization proces so your website will get more visitors through several search terms and phrases.

The increase of link popularity

Search engines rank pages according to an algorithm that involves several factors such as page titles, content, keyword spreading etc. The number of links pointing to your website, called 'link popularity' is also a very important ranking factor.
The more links pointing to your web site, the more important your website becomes.
Besides that, inclusion in thematic directories (both free and paid inclusion) has the advantage of driving more targetted visitors -read, potential customers- to your website. We only choose good directories and websites to request a link from and evaluate if it's worth paying for inclusion.
We include such a time consuming promotion cammaign in our 'Gold website optimization', however we can deliver this service seperately for any website.

Search engine submission service

Our search engine submission and website promotion service can help
  • We provide link campaign setup and search for quality links, without exceeding your budget
  • We search for thematic and local directories and search engines for website submission
  • We write the perfect description when submitting to directories
  • We locate the right category for your website
  • If you're looking guaranteed inclusion and fast indexing of your website, then our service could be the setup a Pay for Inclusion campaign
  • If your website can not be optimized (eg. due to flash) and you are still looking for more visitors then a Pay per Click campaign can be the website promotion you need
Our website promotion service combines better search engine rankings with an improved visibility through thematic directories, links from quality web sites and internet start pages.
This will bring more targetted visitors on your website, i.e. visitors that can become customers.


Directories and search engines with a free inclusion policy.
We have a nice info page about search engine submission. You can use that page as a guide for your own website promotion. Our service uses the same method to promote a new or optimized website.
Pay for Inclusion (PFI).
Major search engines, except Google, provide an option to pay for inclusion of your site.
However, keep in mind that this only gaurantees the inclusion. You won't get a higher search engine ranking or more visitors on your website just by paying to be indexed. Your site still needs to be optimized !
PFI is interesting for websites with a frequently changing content and for those who want a fast inclusion. Remember that even without paying, every website with good incoming links will eventually be indexed.
Pay per Click website promotion campaigns (PPC)
With Pay per click you pay a search engine to have a top ranking for well defined keywords.
Pay per Click is easy : The more you are willing to pay every time someone clicks on your link, the higher your ranking.
At the moment, Overture and Google Adwords are the largest providers of PPC inclusion.
PPC is interesting for website promotion if you don't have an optimized site


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