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Our goals : affordable internet presence

Offering affordable web site design and internet presence for small and medium sized enterprises

Internet presence has become an important way of marketing. Small and medium sized enterprises are also aware of this fact. They wish to promote their products and services to the public.
However, many are discouraged by the costs involved in having a web site.
This is not surprising, because while surfing the internet and from own professional experience we realised what extortionate prices some dare to ask and how some web designers don't hesitate to recommend you services that you don't need.

Many will design a nice looking Web site for you, but what is it good for if nobody can find it on internet ? When you say "internet presence", you should say "Web site design and Web site optimization".

A Web site becomes effective for marketing purposes when it can be found throughout directories and search engines.
This can be done through Web site optimization which can be even more expensive than Web site design !
Our goal is to be an alternative... we want to make true internet presence affordable for small business by providing both affordable web site design and affordable web site optimization.

We are founded to make internet presence affordable for Small Businesses.

What we DON'T offer...
  • Long term contracts for a web site design or optimization that doesn't satisfy you
  • 1250 Euro per year for some pages with a few images and hardly any text in them to promote your business, your services and products
  • Expensive flash intro's that are skipped by every visitor to your web site
  • Web sites with a design making indexation by search engines impossible

As the owner of a small enterprise, you are managing a business and you don't have the time to design and optimize your web site.
We can do both the web site design and web site optimization for you and we make the internet accessible for you as a medium to advertise with a plain added value for your business.

With DR Webdesign, your web site becomes a cost-effective investment.

Web site design with a personal touch

Every web site is designed to be part of your business
We never start from templates on which we add text and images.
We design web sites to answer your needs and to target your purposes.
This is far more important than assembling some colours, flashy buttons, whistles and bells.
Sure, we take into account the colours of your business, your logo and your preferences, however with us this is the last step of web site design.
Moreover, we always give you the source of your web site. Your site becomes YOUR property so if you like, you don't have to depend on us to maintain your web site !

Your Web site can grow together with your business.

Internet presence that can be found

The number of web sites on internet is enormous.
Your investment should not get lost in the crowd. When surfing, there's a big chance that there's thousands of pages similar to your products or services. Luckily there's search engines to index all this information, and when responding to a query, those engines return all the pages in a predefined order.
No matter how nice the design looks, your web site becomes worthless when it's somewhere in the middle of the crowd.
The higher the rankings in the search engines, the more visitors -and potential customers- will enter your web site.
We know how the search engines work and we design your site in such a way that it can be ranked as high as possible.
We can also provide an affordable web site optimization for any existing Web site.

Being found in search engines
100% Spamfree Web site optimization Google advices to beware of unethical Search Engine optimisers who give the industry a black eye through their overly aggressive marketing efforts and their attempts to unfairly manipulate search engine results.
There are indeed deceptive techniques - called "spam" - however those tricks will not improve your site, instead it will only improve your chances of being dropped from search engine results altogether.
We guarantee using 100% spamfree techniques for web site design and web site optimization !
As a result, we can not guarantee any Web site ranking. Our goal however is to be one of the best in the field, a reliable -and affordable- partner for your business.

Content pages come first, the package comes last

Every web site has a purpose.
Our web sites target your goals and we design for your visitors.
Your web site is the most important medium to promote your business, your products and services. It should tell who you are, what products and services you offer, how much they cost and why you are better than your competitors.
When you answer these questions in detail, you will gain trust from your customers. Don't hide behind useless images and don't deluge any visitors with pages that have 3 or more columns where hardly anyone can find a way.

Furthermore, DR Webdesign is your guarantee for quality !
Find out more about quality web design.

Giving honest internet advice

We advice only what you really need.
We never try to sell webspace, campaigns or anything if you don't need it.
E.g. subscribing a maintenance contract is only an option. If you have a static web site that you hardly update, then maintenance on a per hour basis is probably more economical than a maintenance contract.

We offer only what you really need !


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