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SEO Optimization - Search engine optimization service

Do you want high rankings in every major search engine ?
Do you want to get found on keywords that define your business ?
Do you want to improve the visibility of your pages on internet ?
Do you want more traffic and more targetted visitors ?
Are you disappointed about your website's return on investment ?


We provide affordable search engine optimization for any English, Dutch, French and German language websites.

We can optimise your site for you or you can learn from these pages to incorporate our SEO strategy and SEO optimization methods into your website.
Contact us for guaranteed 100 % spamfree search engine optimization and expect effective SEO optimization with long term results and satisfaction.

What is SEO optimization ?

Quite often you will see other terms like search engine optimization or website optimization.

Definition of SEO or Search Engine Optimization

"SEO optimization is a time consuming process of adjusting a website to make the pages indexable by search engines and to obtain high rankings and improved visibility on internet, making it at the same time easier for visitors to navigate through the website."

For effective SEO optimization it is important to have insight on how a search engine works and why one website ranks high in the search engine results while another website never gets close to the first 3 pages.

Why SEO optimization ?

When searching for information, most users enter a query in a search engine.
High rankings in the returned search engine result pages (SERP) for well-defined keywords will drive targetted visitors and potential clients towards your website. This is what turns your website into an effective marketing tool.

Many still believe that website submission is all we can do to rank in search engines.
Let it be obvious that without SEO optimization, the website will rank somewhere in between thousands of competing pages.

What SEO optimization service do we provide ?

Development of search engine friendly websites.
A typical scenario :
  • company X wants a website
  • They have it developped an pay for nice graphics, javavsript menus, flash and so on.
  • Few months later, company X finds out that the site is nowhere to be found
  • Submitting to search engines doesn't deliver better results
  • Company X pays company A to submit their site to 10000 search engines
  • Few months later, there's still no sign of the site in Google, MSN, Yahoo and others... except when searching for the company name and weird keyword phrases.
  • Company X hires an SEO and has to pay for analysis, redesign and optimization
Save money !
With us, new websites benefit from SEO Optimization at design time.
The website comes guarenteed indexable by search engines and well optimized for targetted keywords.
Find out more about our Web development services.
SEO optimization for existing websites.
We offer several SEO packages :
  • Optimization service limited to analysis and advice
  • basic SEO optimization.
    Website optimization at a fixed rate. Standard website submission is included.
  • GOLD SEO optimization.
    This is a guarenteed search engine optimization based on yearly contracts. It combines our basic optimalization with continuous improvements and website promotion. There's a fixed setup cost (same rate as the basic optimalization) plus a monthly bonus if we achieve high rankings in at least 3 major search engines. Should we not succeed, then we don't reveive the bonus.
  • Custom SEO optimization.
    E.g. when you define the keyphrases to target or when you focus on a specific search engine...
We offer cheap pricing for professional SEO optimization !

seo prices

Our SEO strategy

Following steps are part of our typical search engine optimization procedure :

  1. Finding the right keyphrases for your website.
  2. Analysis of your website and reporting.
  3. Executing the search engine optimization. In this step, we'll modify your website.
  4. Hand submission to search engines and directories.
  5. Evaluation and ranking reports, 2 months and 4 months after the search engine submission.
More info :
The steps of our seo strategy explained.
Get a high search engine ranking for the right keyword.
Search engine submission.
Spamfree on-page SEO optimization techniques for a top search engine position.

Free advice
As a member of the Search engine Optimization Forums, provided by Ihelpyou Services, we always have first hand information of any search engine changes. On these SEO forums, everyone can get free and professional search engine optimization advice.

What is the result of SEO optimization ?

Through search engine optimization, your website becomes a valuable marketing tool.
It provides :

  1. Better chances for all pages to get found in the major search engines.
  2. Guarenteed 100% indexable pages.
  3. More visitors on your website.
  4. High rankings for the targetted keyphrases of you website.
  5. Through general improved website visibility, search engine and directory submission you will also receive visitors for other keyphrases.
  6. Long term results.
In case of custom SEO optimization, eg. when targetting high rankings in Google for a specific keyphrase, we will normally make all pages 100% indexable by Google, however this does not automatically means that all pages will be optimized. You should be aware that in those cases we will focus exclusively on your goals.

It's important to realise that rankings in search engines are determined by a ranking algorithm that is subject to frequent changes. Our SEO techniques provide long term results, however minor changes in rankings -both up and down- can not be avoided.

Our SEO optimization gets the maximum out of your website !

SEO optimization guarentee
We usually achieve high rankings however we cannot guarantee a #1 position...
See also 'Guaranteed top search engine placement and SEO guarantee'.

Important : Watch out for Unethical SEO services that use SPAM or doorway pages and don't follow the guidelines of a search engine. They can jeapordise your website's search engine rankings !
There are also several so called services that submit your website to +1000 search engines. This is a complete waste of money. You might be better off with that one precious link from the yahoo directory !!
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