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Web development services

Your web site must be visually attractive and provide a clear view of your business, products and services.
Many web developers will create a great looking site.
Unfortunately, that's where the service of many web development agency ends !

Web development at a higher level
let it be obvious : A nice Web site does not automatically attract lots of visitors.

Web development is not just about eye-catching design !

We offer added value by :
  1. built-in optimization for search engines.
  2. Web development according to the W3C standards.


  • We know how to develop your website that can be found in search engines. Without top rankings your website might become a piece of art that nobody can find.
    That's why search engine and directory submission is included with every optimized web site.
  • Web development according to standards guarantees that your web site will display using any current and future browser.
    DR Webdesign is proud to put the W3C logo on its web site as a proof of quality !

Valid HTML 4.01! CSS Valide!

Learn how to recognize quality web design.

Our services include 2 kinds of Web development :

  • Basic Web sites.
  • Optimized Web sites : Our unique Web development services with built-in search engine optimization.
Basic Web sites
If you have a well-known and commonly used business name then top rankings in Search Engines is not really your concern. People will find your website anyway by searching on your name. In that case, a good and clear navigation on your site should be enough to enable visitors to learn more about your products, promotional offers, manuals, support pages and so on. In this case, you'll choose basic Web development.
Optimized Web sites
In most cases however, you will want your website and products or services to be found by as many people as possible. The cheapest way to achieve this, is by having top search engine rankings.
We know how to optimize your Web site for keyword specific phrases, from the very first development stage so every page has the possibility to be found on Internet.
You'll have more visitors, more customers !
Our Web development services offer total satisfaction : Affordable Web sites with an unbeatable added value !

Properties of Web sites by DR Webdesign
  • Structured Web sites and practical design.
  • Easy and clear navigation.
  • Fast loading pages that don't ennoy any visitors.
  • Guaranteed indexable by all search engines.
  • Nice pages with usefull titles and meaningfull pictures that add value to your products.
  • We focus on content instead of useless bells and whistles that affect the cost.
  • Web development in HTML. We avoid Flash because it's slow and it can not be read by search engines !
  • Affordable prices and fixed pricing.

In case of optimized Web development, we'll add :

  • Carefully choosen keywords to optimize for
  • Extra attention to titles, description meta-tags, links and anchor text, HTML-tags
  • Adjusted copywriting while keeping the visitors and search engines in mind
  • Free submission service to the most important international search engines :
    Google (Yahoo/AOL),MSN (Inktomi), FAST (alltheweb/lycos) and Altavista.
    Your Web site reaches 95% or all search engines !
  • Free submission service to major international directories (DMOZ, Goguides)
  • Free submission service to local directories and portals.

Don't hesitate to contact us and turn your Web site into a marketing tool with excellent return on investment !

prices for Web development services

Wij can offer full Internet solutions.
Optionally we offer :

Web site maintenance

We can adjust your existing Web site or provide maintenance for the Web site we develop for you. Basic Web site maintenance is done at a fixed rate/hour, through a maintenance contract or we can propose a fixed price for a project.

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