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"Discover the details of our Search engine optimization in 5 steps"
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SEO strategy - 5 search engine optimization steps

These steps involve our SEO strategy. For custom optimization our strategy could be adjusted. Eg. if you define the keywords we need to optimize for or if we need to target a specific search engine, etc...
Let it be obvious that before all, we'll get to know your products and/or services.

Step 1 : Defining the right keywords.

It is important to get a high search engine ranking for the right keyword. It are those keywords that best describe your business and products and that are usefull to optimize for, since it are those keywords and phrases that people will use to find your website. Defining strategic keywords is the most important step for any SEO optimization.
You know your business best, so this step will require feedback and approval from your side.

Step 2 : Analysis of your current website.

We check the source code of your website and the incoming links
  • What is the current position of your website in the most imporant search engines ?
  • Is your website indexable ?
  • How is the link structure and the link texts ?
  • Is there any flash, dynamic pages or frames ?
  • What meta tags are used ?
  • What HTML tags could be used to ?
  • Are the best titles and descriptions used on every page page ?
  • We perform a content analysis. Content is a major factor for search engine optimization !
  • Should there be additional pages (content) ? Are some pages to large ? Is the loadtime ok ? Is there a sitemap ?
This will result in a report with concrete proposals for adjustments to your website. That way, you will be perfectly aware of what SEO techniques we will use... no tricks and no spam involved.

Step 3 : Performing the website optimization.

You can have your webmaster perform the proposed adjustments on your pages or we can do this for you.
If you decide to have the optimization done by your webmaster, then we supervise the activities to make sure that everything part of the SEO strategy is done perfectly.

Important : Should there be any need for additional pages, then we will always integrate them into your website as they will bring an additional value to both visitors and search engines.
Doorway pages only exist to trick a search engine, they are unethical and offer no long term results. Allthough they are most often used by several search engine optimization services, no serious optimizer should ever use them !

Step 4 : Directory and search engine submission.

We provide manual website submission to search engines and directories.
Read here how and where we will submit your website.
It is important to realise it takes a few months before search engine optimization shows its results.
Most search engines will index your website in a period varying from 4 weeks to several months.
If you want your website to be included faster, then paid inclusion (PFI) might be considered for some search engines. In this case our web site promotion and search engine submission service can provide the right information, help or submission service.

Step 5 : Evaluation - adjusting the SEO strategy if needed.

We'll keep you informed about our SEO activities.
After 2 months and after 4 months following the website submission, we provide an overview about the position of your website in the major search engines.
We evaluate the report and tweak our strategy if needed. The report after 4 months will be the final report reflecting the results of our SEO service.

If you have subscribed to our 'OPTIMIZATION GOLD' package, then we will use the reports as a basis to further impove rankings where possible.
Normally, this package will include an SEO strategy for continuous website promotion and link popularity increase.
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